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Rodent Management

"Never Deal With Rodents"

Key Components about Rodents:

  • Can carry 10 different types of diseases.
  • Can start fires by gnawing on electrical wires.
  • Scratching noises during nights could be rats or mice.
  • Scratching noises during the day could be squirrels.
  • Will leave droppings and grease stains wherever they are located.

You may not have a rodent problem in your home, or you just might not know you have a problem. Your home offers you the perfect harborage against the outside elements and does the same thing for rodents. Baker Pest Control's professionals are trained to inspect and locate the smallest entry points around your residency or commercial building where rodents can gain entry.

It takes a trained professional to locate these entry points, considering a mouse can gain entry through an opening as small as 1/4", a rat 1/2". Setting traps is a great way to temporary solve current problems, rodent proofing is guaranteed to eliminate rodent problems from ever accruing. Contact us to perform a free inspection of your home or business to prevent you from ever having a rodent problem.

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