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Lawn and Shrub Care

At Baker Pest Control we offer a variety of services and programs to meet your needs and fit your budget. All of our technicians are certified with "Green Industry Best Management Practices for the Protection of Florida's Water Resources" and can provide you with recommendations that will help get your lawn to your desired condition.

Lawn Program Features

  • Fertilizer Applications - Using carefully chosen products at specific times to best enhance your lawns needs.
  • Broadleaf weed control - Treatment for existing broadleaf weeds and preventing your lawn from future weeds.
  • Insect Suppression - Controlling turf destroying insects such as chinch bugs, sod webworms, armyworms, and mole crickets.
  • Soil pH Testing - To ensure you are getting optimal products and the most out of your service.

Shrub Program Features

  • Insect Control - Making sure your shrubbery is protected against pest.
  • Fertilization - Proper fertilization to make sure your shrubs are lush and green throughout the year.

Fire Ant Control

  • Offering the best fire ant control product, guaranteed to control fire ants for one year!

Check out The Florida Lawn Website for additional information.

  • Pest Prevention

    Protecting you from those unwanted pests.

  • Lawn and Shrub Care

    Brighten your curb appeal!

  • Termite Services

    Protect your biggest investment against its most destructive pest.

  • Rodent Management

    Solving all your rodent problems.